Num Krok (Vegetarian)
Nem Trey Sbaek Jrouk
Kulen Suasage
Grilled River Fish
Grilled Mackerel
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About Us

Welcome to Pou Restaurant – Where Culinary Excellence Meets Khmer Hospitality!

Indulge in the authentic flavors of traditional Khmer cuisine amidst the contemporary elegance of our restaurant in the heart of Siem Reap. At Pou, we’re more than just a dining destination – we’re a cherished family enterprise, personally overseen by Bora and his partner, ensuring a warm and welcoming atmosphere paired with impeccable service. With over a decade of dedication and a wealth of expertise from Bora’s background in the hospitality industry, Pou Restaurant has earned its sterling reputation as a quintessential dining destination. Our meticulously curated menu features a delightful array of Khmer classics and regional specialties, crafted from premium ingredients and locally sourced produce to ensure a symphony of freshness and flavor with every bite. Whether you’re joining us for an intimate lunch or dinner, celebrating a special occasion in our Private Room, or hosting a larger event, Pou Restaurant promises an unparalleled dining experience tailored to your preferences. Join us and discover why both locals and tourists alike flock to Pou for a taste of authentic Khmer cuisine and unparalleled hospitality. 

Our Story

Welcome to Pou Restaurant

Pou Restaurant stands as a beacon of elegance amidst Siem Reap, boasting contemporary décor that exudes sophistication. Revered by both tourists and locals, it has become a quintessential destination for indulging in the authentic flavors of traditional Khmer cuisine. As a cherished family enterprise, Pou Restaurant is personally overseen by Bora and his partner, ensuring a welcoming ambiance and impeccable service. Bora, a graduate of the prestigious hospitality school École Paul Dubrule, brings with him a wealth of expertise garnered from years of experience in the hotel industry. With over a decade of dedication, they have sculpted the restaurant’s sterling reputation through a trifecta of delectable cuisine, tantalizing beverages, and unwavering hospitality. Under Bora’s stewardship, Pou Restaurant pledges an unparalleled dining experience, echoed by the steadfast commitment of its devoted staff who prioritize customer satisfaction above all else. The meticulously curated menu showcases an array of Khmer classics, providing a culinary journey that delves into the essence of local culture. 

Featuring regional specialties spanning Asian and South-Asian influences, patrons are spoilt for choice. Each dish is meticulously crafted from premium ingredients and locally sourced seasonal produce, ensuring a symphony of freshness and flavor with every bite. The intimate ambiance of the restaurant beckons guests to savor the moment, while the option to reserve a Private Room offers an exclusive dining enclave on the first floor of a traditional Khmer wooden house. Here, the fusion of intricate traditional architecture with modern design elements creates an ambiance of unparalleled elegance. Ideal for intimate gatherings, the Private Room accommodates up to 30 guests, offering an idyllic setting for small-scale events. For larger occasions, Pou Restaurant has earned acclaim as a premier venue in Siem Reap, playing host to a myriad of celebrations including birthdays, weddings, and corporate conferences. Tailoring menus and décor to individual preferences, Pou Restaurant ensures every event is a bespoke affair that leaves a lasting impression on guests.

A Vision for Change

Pou Restaurant envisions becoming the pinnacle of culinary excellence and hospitality in Siem Reap, setting the standard for an unparalleled dining experience that blends contemporary elegance with traditional charm. We aim to be a haven where authenticity, quality, and innovation converge to inspire a profound appreciation for Khmer cuisine and its rich cultural heritage. Through meticulous craftsmanship, thoughtful curation, and warm hospitality, we endeavor to create lasting memories that epitomize gracious hospitality and culinary artistry.

Making a Difference

At Pou Restaurant, our commitment is unwavering. We pledge to uphold the highest standards of culinary excellence and hospitality, ensuring that every guest is treated with warmth, respect, and sincerity. We are dedicated to preserving the authenticity and integrity of Khmer cuisine, sourcing only the finest ingredients and presenting them with creativity and skill. Our

commitment extends beyond the plate to create an atmosphere of joy, connection, and celebration, where every visit is an opportunity to savor the richness of Cambodian culture and hospitality.